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The Hospitality Review is a quarterly of analysis, comment and research on the industry, art and understanding of hospitality. News and Views presents regular updates.

Can Romanian tourism catch up?

With over 7m tourists visiting the country, Romanian tourism is growing yet only 22% of these visitors were from outside Romania. Can it reach its ambitious targets? Read more

Swallow reflections

Rodger Carrigan‘s reflections on the struggles of the mid-market hotel sector, and what can be done for it, are well-timed.
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‘Cashier no. 5 please…’

Nick Johns on the shock of a return to ‘standard’ British customer service and how organisations don’t help their cause.
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Will this ‘boomlet’ last?

The BHA’s annual survey British Hospitality: Trends and Statistics 2007 reports 140 openings and 13,000 new rooms. With financial and economic uncertainties, can the upward trend last? Read more

Immaculate service please

In a week when another craft small brewer is taken over and wines forecast to overtake beer in pubs, a refreshing boost for a great national drink from a seasoned FT wine writer. Read more

Do new hotels have to be ugly?

Don’t blame the hotel industry for the problems of modern British architecture. How can this be if we are the centre of the creative world? Read more

Not ‘non’-courses after all

An attempt to witch-hunt vocational degrees fizzles out, not recognising that young people can spot the career prospects that you don’t get from a UK physics degree, even if the political class can’t agree. Read more

New level-2 textbooks:
good in parts

Roy Hayter reviews of the first new diploma and S/NVQ textbooks. They look rushed, which isn’t surprising, but an opportunity has been missed. Read extracts.

Greene King’s successful strategy

David McCaskey’s masterly survey of GK strategy is the leading feature in the latest issue of the journal. Here is an extract from his analysis.

A level results: the critics made to look silly

The A-level results wrong-footed their critics in spectacular fashion.
The unpredictable students choose the courses they need. Read more.

Will Greene King be affected by turbulent markets?

As Greene King tries to re-finance the rest of its estate, market turbulence threatens. Regular contributor David McCaskey offers some pointers to its prospects.

Leitch and hospitality: 2
New structures and HE

The Leitch report had designs on higher education too, now run by a focused ministry with utilitarian objectives. The government’s response expects them to meet employers’ needs directly, with sector skills councils involved in course design. Read more.

What Leitch means for hospitality 1

The new government has plans for vocational education. Our first article looks at the implications for FE,the sector skills councils, qualifications and the LSC.

Welcome to planet hospitality

In the editorial for the July 2007 issue, Alison Morrison presents a manifesto for the new research paradigm in hospitality.

Passing of a pioneer of tourism research

Prof Rik Medlik, the first UK professor of hospitality (in 1966) died on 30 June. Read David Airey‘s obituary of this versatile innovator in tourism and hospitality research and education from The Independent.

A classic list finds a new home

Southover Press, publishers of new editions of the classics of cookery have a new home with Equinox. In June they published a new edition of Modern Cookery for Private Families by Eliza Acton (which first appeared in 1845)

Conrad challenges training consensus

In the latest editorial, Conrad Lashley queries the cross-party consensus – now enshrined in Leitch – that employers must ‘drive’ training. Read more

Where have the spring onions gone?

Can’t find them in your supermarket? A key supplier has gone into administration following official inspections, showing the price pressure in the supply chain. Read more

Forte Village Sardinia sold in major deal

Med sea view

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The end of market segmentation?

Heiko Figge, in April’s featured debate from the Hotel Marketing Association, questions the credibility of market segements in the web-based reservation world. Read more

How many brothels in Pompeii?

Have researchers got carried away with seeing every bar in Pompeii as a brothel? Kevin O’Gorman attempts to restore the reputation of Roman bar staff… Read more

Research query

Does the length of a waiter’s apron in France reflect length of professional experience, or is this an urban myth?
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