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HLST Student-centred cover Enhancing Learning through Assessment in Business and Management Hospitality Leisure Sport and Tourism Edited by Pasty Kemp, Richard Atfield and Richard Tong Assessment is an important element of higher education for both staff and students: this collection of case studies is written by, and for, academic staff, sharing approaches to learning through assessment in a variety of contexts. A valuable resource for academics/teachers committed to improving their learning and teaching, and ultimately, the learning outcomes for students. Kim Watty University of Melbourne …an inspiration for practitioners who wish to review and enhance their practice. Professor Margaret Price Oxford Brookes University Contributors Linda Allin Jenny Anderson Graham Baker Ian Beattie Lesley Fishwick Sara Garratt Pauline A. Gordon David Griffiths Stylianos Hatzipanagos Ursula S. Hummel Jonathan Lean Jonathan Moizer Jill Mordaunt Rich Neil Rona O’Brien Berry O’Donovan Helen Pokorny Gabriel Reedy Diane Rushton Louise Sparshatt Owen Thomas Richard Tong Kylie Wilson Mantz Yorke Published 2010 £25.00 (paperback) 234 x 156mm 176 pp ISBN 978–1–903152–25–6

Enhancing Student-centred Learning

in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism

edited by John Buswell and Nina Becket

Outlining successful approaches to enhancing student-centred learning, the book develops the theme of employability and moves on to consider lifelong learning and the development of independent, autonomous and self-empowered learners.

The contributing academics offer case studies on student-centred learning, PDP, innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, and discuss the lessons they have learned through a practice or intervention which aimed to engage students and encourage them to take more responsibility for their learning.

This book was commissioned by the Higher Education Academy Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (HLST) and Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance (BMAF) Networks.


Mark Atlay – Graham Baker – Colin Beard – Wendy Beekes – Karen Bill – Will Bowen Jones – John Buswell – Derry Corey – Simon Cox – Crispin Dale –Robert French – Louise Grisoni – Jacqui Gush – Carol Jarvis – Christine Keenan – Susan Lea – Jacqueline Lynch – Pru Marriot – Dominic Micklewright – Mark Moss – Sarah Nixon – Margaret Page – Petia Petrova – Peter Robinson – Angela Tomkins – Dorota Ujma – Debra Wale – Caitlin Walker
  HLST International learning cover

Enhancing the International Learning Experience

in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism

edited by Richard Atfield and Patsy Kemp

Written by academic staff deeply involved in international learning and teaching, these case studies offer valuable insights into both the successes and pitfalls of attempting to embed internationalisation into the learning experience in business, hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism.

This book was commissioned by the Higher Education Academy Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (HLST) and Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance (BMAF) Networks.


Jan Bamford – Nina Becket – Maureen Brookes – Jude Carroll – Alan Darricotte – Judie Gannon – Rong Huang – Elspeth Jones – Patsy Kemp – Sandra King – Mike Lowe – Jacqueline Lynch – Rod McColl – Mari Jo Pesch – Sandie Randall – Chris Shiel – Malcolm Sullivan – Angela Vickerstaff – Philip Warwick – Melanie Weaver – Rachel Wicaksono

£25.00 (paperback) 2008 234x156mm 176pp ISBN 978-1-903152-23-2

  Can H E deliver? cover

Angela Maher and Sarah Graves

Graduate Employability

Can higher education deliver?

A comprehensive and timely overview of employability in higher education which will be of interest to busy academics seeking insight into the relevance of employability in the today’s curriculum. It is a fine example of the benefits of evidence-based practice that subsequently informs the work of academics and makes a tangible difference to the experience of students. Nina Becket, Assistant Director, Higher Education Academy Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network


1 Employability and Higher Education: Key issues
2 The Great Skills Debate
3 The Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Graduate Labour Market:
A review of demand and supply
4 Embedding Employability in the Curriculum
5 Enhancing Graduate Employability Can higher education deliver?
Appendices: Yorke and Knight’s 39 Aspects of employability – HEA Centre for Bioscience Employability Audit – Graduate skills that employers value: summary table

£18.50 (paperback) 2008 234x156 mm 96pp ISBN 978-1-903152-20-1

  FDLT Employability cover

Developing Developing Graduate Employability

Case Studies in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism

Edited by Sarah Graves and Angela Maher

In a competitive and volatile graduate employment market it is vital that students develop greater ownership of their employability skills to maximise the potential for a successful career. This book will be of value to educators seeking practical advice on how to embed employability in the curriculum. Ten case studies, written by academics in the hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism subject areas, are presented as examples of different approaches to enhancing student employability.
This FDTL5 ‘Enhancing Graduate Employability’ project was directed by Oxford Brookes University and funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Department for Employment and Learning. Further detailed information and resources can be found on the project website.


Ian Beattie – Karen Bill – Deidre A Brennan – John Buswell – Val Butcher – Vicki Hingley – Stephanie Jameson – Scott McCabe – Emma Martin – Marie H Murphy – Sarah Nixon – Conor Sheehan – Bob Snape – Angela Tomkins – Linda Waghorn – Cath Walker Charles Whittaker

£25.00 (paperback) 2008 234x156 mm 176pp ISBN 978-1-903152-19-5

  HLST Employability cover

Enhancing Graduate Employability

in Business and Management, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism

Edited by Nina Becket and Patsy Kemp

Employability is currently an important theme for all higher education institutions. This book will be of value to anyone interested in employability, or involved in curriculum development in higher education.
The case studies are written by lecturers from the business, hospitality, leisure, sport & tourism communities, and demonstrate best practice in embedding employability into the curriculum.


Gillian Armstrong – Karen Bill – Will Bowen-Jones – Nicola Bullivant – John Buswell – Debra Enzenbacher – Lesley Ferkins – Jenny Fleming – Helen George – Kate Greenan – Jacqui Gush – Helen Higson – David Hind – Graham Holden – Marc Keech – Vanessa Knowles – Bridget Major – Mary Malcolm – Una McMahon-Beattie – Angela Maher – Gudrun Myers – Etta Parkes – Petia Petrova – Sean Power Gail Thompson – Angela Tomkins – Rob Ward – Dorota Ujma

£27.00 (paperback) 2006 246x189 mm 176pp ISBN 978-1-903152-15-7


Best Practice in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

Edited by Andrea Bowen, Peter Jones and Andrew Lockwood

Published for The Best Practice Forum

The cutting edge of applied industry research on success and productivity in leading small and medium-sized enterprises

1 Introduction: Researching profit through productivity
2 Transformational leadership and effective small hospitality businesses
3 Best practice in operational planning and control
4 Making the most of partnerships and networks
5 Effective internal communication
6 Strategies for employee retention
7 Achieving standards for successful small business operations
8 Enhancing customer value for successful small business operations
9 Balanced scorecards for performance measurement
10 Small business success


Andrea Bowen – Yuksel Ekinci – Julie Gore – Li-Jessica Hwang – Peter Jones – Olympia Kyriakidou – Andrew Lockwood – Panos Louvieris – Paul Phillips – Edith Szivas – Daniela Warr – Jetske Van-Westering

£22.50 (paperback) 246 x 189mm 2003 54 pp ISBN 978-1-903152-11-9

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