Mary Tant Don't Come Back

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Don’t Come Back

by Mary Tant

Mary Tant’s latest classic murder mystery, the sixth to feature Lucy Rossington and her family, is set in a remote moorland hamlet over the New Year. Lucy and her friends find themselves enmeshed in a conflict between tradition, family loyalties and new ways of thinking, in which the unpredictable weather plays a significant part.


From reviews of earlier titles in this series:

…an intriguing tale about familial relationships and friendships with an idyllic pastoral setting and skilfully drawn characters. Miriam Reeves

Mary Tant carries the narrative forward almost entirely in dialogue and the style suited this country-house murder mystery perfectly. There were plenty of red herrings among the clues as to who had carried out a brutal attack… and plenty of motives too. Of course, it's up to the family to sort it all out… Strong distinct characters, a delightful setting and further books to follow make this a winner… Stow Times


Not everyone is pleased when Berhane comes back to the moor. She was first there as an adopted child, now she’s back to stay. But her return is like a stone dropped into a quiet pool, creating ever-widening ripples.
The village sees its order disrupted, its peace disturbed. The trouble comes slowly, quietly, until at last somebody dies.
Lucy Rossington is visiting the village for New Year with family and friends. She’s expecting a more exotic time, perhaps, than usual. But she isn’t anticipating trouble.
Yet she knows the irascible archaeologist, Mike Shannon, thinks that trouble comes as soon as the four of them get together – more trouble than just his antagonism to the ebullient actress, Anna Evesleigh.
At least Lucy’s husband, Hugh Carey, is a tower of strength, but is that going to be enough? For as the snow comes down and the bells ring out the New Year, they unknowingly herald another death. And soon Lucy is drawn into danger again. Will she be able to save her friend? The odds seem to be against it.
MARY TANT has known the West Country well from childhood. She has a deep interest in history and the countryside – and in food and cooking – and dogs and walking – and books.
256 pages 198 x 129 mm (978–1–903152–30–0)
Paperback £7.99
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