Mary Tant The Watcher on the Cliff

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The Watcher on the Cliff

by Mary Tant

A surprising archaeological find, a domineering environmentalist and a community pageant provide the backdrop for Mary Tant’s latest, her fifth classic murder mystery featuring Lucy Rossington and her family. With the plot twists and challenge of detection that readers have come to expect from the Rossington novels, this is perhaps the most dramatic yet.


From reviews of earlier titles in this series:

…an intriguing tale about familial relationships and friendships with an idyllic pastoral setting and skilfully drawn characters. Miriam Reeves

***** rating – One to watch
This is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie with its West-of-England country house setting. A good plot, very good dialogue and the first of a series. I can envisage it adapting well to the small screen…
Philip Richards "crime reader" (London)


Who stalks the cliffs of the remote West Country, mysteriously swathed in cloak and hat? Is there a connection with Lucy Rossington’s startling discovery? How do the national papers get the story so quickly?
Short-tempered archaeologist Mike Shannon is convinced it’s all part of a plot to discredit him. And he can think of plenty of suspects, including Lucy and her husband Hugh, who are staying in the neighbourhood. They fall eagerly on the puzzle, glad of an excuse to evade their boring host.
To complete Mike’s unhappiness, the lovely actress Anna Evesleigh is working nearby. She and the vicar are producing a community play in an old fishing village, covering centuries of local history. Anna and Mike always strike sparks off each other, and she’s probably the only person to enjoy the drama of his find – particularly because he doesn’t. Coincidence has brought many of the Rossington circle together again. They can’t know that soon they will be drawn into the pageant of death that will stalk the cliffs.
This time Lucy’s unerring instinct for evil doesn’t plumb the full depth of the plot that threatens those she loves. If she can’t unmask the villain, is there anyone who can?
MARY TANT has known the West Country well from childhood. She has a deep interest in history and the countryside – and in food and cooking – and dogs and walking – and books.
208 pages 198 x 129 mm (978–1–903152–27–0)
Paperback £7.99
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