Mary Tant Friends… and a Foe

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Friends… and a Foe

by Mary Tant

The third of a classic crime series with a West Country setting


From reviews of earlier books:

Mary Tant carries the narrative forward almost entirely in dialogue and the style suited this country-house murder mystery perfectly. There were plenty of red herrings among the clues as to who had carried out a brutal attack… and plenty of motives too. Of course, it's up to the family to sort it all out…
Strong distinct characters, a delightful setting and further books to follow make this a winner… Stow Times

…an intriguing tale about familial relationships and friendships with an idyllic pastoral setting and skilfully drawn characters. Miriam Reeves

Mary Tant in her first Christie-style classic murder mystery gathers a small group of polite characters in a rundown Tudor mansion and ruined Cistercian priory in the West Country. It has been owned by the Rossington family for generations … in the Christie tradition, murder ensues, followed by a tense denouement Oxford Times

***** rating – One to watch
This is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie with its West-of-England country house setting. A good plot, very good dialogue and the first of a series. I can envisage it adapting well to the small screen…
Philip Richards "crime reader" (London) 28 May 2007


Life looks promising for Lucy Rossington and her family – there is no way they could guess that in just a few days their happiness might be shattered for ever. All Lucy’s hopes are being fulfilled now the future of the family manor in the West Country is secure.
Her elegant friend Anna has left dramatic success behind in Paris to start the long-planned theatricals at Rossington Manor – perhaps because the obstreperous archaeologist Mike Shannon is so sure she won’t.
Old friends rejoin the family circle – one of them brings in their wake a secret that somebody would kill to keep. How could the Rossingtons know that this secret will cost them dearly?
MARY TANT has been a historical researcher for many years, and now specializes in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Her interest in history began in childhood with Richard III, Rupert of the Rhine and the young Elizabeth Tudor. Wildlife observation also started early with the plants and creatures in the woodland beside her home. An interest in crime fiction came later, but has proved just as enduring.
232 pages 198 x 129 mm (978–1–903152–22–5)
Paperback £7.99

Here is an extract…


A man appeared silently and unnoticed in the doorway at the back of the kitchen, where his brown corduroy trousers and chequered shirt blended with the shadows around him, rendering him almost invisible. For a few seconds he paused, staring past the battered formica cupboards at the slender figure in blue jeans. Her chestnut hair was haloed by the sunlight filtering through the grimy window, and created a splash of warmth against the walls, whose original yellow was almost overwhelmed by a patchwork of dirt and bare plaster.

Then the man moved softly forward across the floor, still unheard by Lucy but suddenly becoming more noticeable against the faded green of the cupboards…

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