Mary Tant Players and Betrayers

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Players and Betrayers

by Mary Tant

The fourth novel in this classic crime series with a West Country setting


From reviews of earlier titles in this series:

Mary Tant carries the narrative forward almost entirely in dialogue and the style suited this country-house murder mystery perfectly. There were plenty of red herrings among the clues as to who had carried out a brutal attack… and plenty of motives too. Of course, it's up to the family to sort it all out…
Strong distinct characters, a delightful setting and further books to follow make this a winner… Stow Times

Mary Tant in her first Christie-style classic murder mystery gathers a small group of polite characters in a rundown Tudor mansion and ruined Cistercian priory in the West Country. It has been owned by the Rossington family for generations … in the Christie tradition, murder ensues, followed by a tense denouement Oxford Times


The play’s the thing. Or is it?
It certainly is for Anna Evesleigh, with her first summer production at Rossington Manor. She needs to prove to herself – and irascible archaeologist Mike Shannon? – that she can succeed with this. And it is for Lucy Rossington as she watches the crowds descending on her family home – performers and audience, old village neighbours and incomers.
But Mike’s attention is elsewhere, and there is somebody else who has a watchful eye on Anna. For behind the scene another hand is gathering a hidden cast to play a drama of deceit and betrayal. A drama whose unplanned highlight is murder.
Since her own near brush with death earlier in the year, Lucy has slowly recovered her strength. By the time she picks up the threads of this latest mystery the shadow of that master hand lays heavily over her family and friends, and Lucy inevitably finds herself in danger – again.
MARY TANT has known the West Country well from childhood. She has a deep interest in history and the countryside – and in food and cooking – and dogs and walking – and books.
218 pages 198 x 129 mm (978–1–903152–26–3)
Paperback £7.99
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