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Look Back in Laughter:
Oxford’s Postwar Golden Age
R. W. Johnson 35-5 (pbk) £14.50  

Classic Crime Fiction

  NEW for 2016
A Deadly Plot
Mary Tant 37-9 (pbk) £7.99  
  The Theme is Death Mary Tant 34-8 (pbk) £7.99  
  The Witness Mary Tant 33-1 (pbk) £7.99  
  The Gathering Storm Mary Tant 31-7 (pbk) £7.99  
  Don't Come Back Mary Tant 30-0 (pbk) £7.99  
  The Watcher on the Cliff Mary Tant 27-0 (pbk) £7.99  
  Players and Betrayers Mary Tant 26-3 (pbk) £7.99  
  Friends… and a Foe Mary Tant 22-4 (pbk) £7.99  
  Death at the Priory Mary Tant 17-1 (pbk) £7.99  
  The Rossington Inheritance Mary Tant 21-8 (pbk) £6.99  
  The Rossington Inheritance Mary Tant 16-4 (hard) £12.99  

History and Social Science

  Governing Economy 2E
The Reformation of German Economic Discourse
Keith Tribe 36-2 £35.00  
  The Archaeology of Andover The excavations of Andover Archaeological Society
Nick Stoodley 32-4 £20.00  
Please make your cheque out to ‘Andover History & Archaeology Society’
  Mary Bacon’s World Ruth Facer 28-7 £15.00  
  Angels and Citizens Anne Summers 02-7 £24.50  
  Female Lives, Moral States Anne Summers 03-4 £24.50  
  Max Weber’s Science of Man Wilhelm Hennis 01-0 £28.50  
  Max Weber’s Central Question Wilhelm Hennis 00-3 £28.50  

Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Subject Centre books

Student Impact
Patsy Kemp & Richard Atfield (eds) 26-? £27.50  
  Enhancing Learning through Assessment Richard Atfield & Patsy Kemp (eds) 25-6 £27.50  
  Enhancing Student-centred Learning John Buswell and Nina Becket (eds) 24-9 £27.50  
  Enhancing the International Learning Experience Richard Atfield & Patsy Kemp (eds) 23-2 £27.50  
  Enhancing Graduate Employability Nina Becket & Patsy Kemp 15-7 £29.50  

Other Hospitality Management, Research and Education books

  Graduate Employability:
Can HE deliver?
Angela Maher & Sarah Graves 20-8 £19.50  
  Developing Graduate Employability Sarah Graves & Angela Maher (eds) 19-5 £26.50  
  Best Practice in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Bowen, Jones & Lockwood 11-9 £25.00  

Veterinary Pocket Practice Guides

Clients, Pets and Vets
Communication & Management
Carl Gorman 04-1 £19.95  
  Premises for Vets
Designing the Veterinary Habitat
Jim Wishart 09-7 £19.95  
  Successful Veterinary Nurse Training Jo Yates 14-0 £18.95  
  Interviewing and Recruiting Veterinary Staff Maggie Shilcock 10-1 £18.95  
  Prosperity after Practice Mike Nelson 12-6 £19.95  
  Offer for ANY FOUR Guides Cash with order please Direct orders only £55.00  

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